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For Investment and Real Estate Development 

First Realtors for investment and real estate development was established as an Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 and its executive regulations and with a contract ratified by his signatures under No. 2135 / B for the year 2008, the investment certificate and the establishment certificate No. 2617 for the year 2008 on 16/10/2008. Commercial Registration on 22/10/2008 under No. 1155 Investment of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones

100MThe value of direct investment in projects under implementation until September 2018
1050Indirect job was provided until September 2018
27MCash flows from operating activities until September 2018
6120Replies to customer services until September 2018.

Projects in progress


Our Strategic Aspects

Participate in Our Projects

Participate in Our Projects

Our clients are permanent partners because our success depends on them and they are the active partners for success.
Project Finance

Project Finance

The company’s project development team has high skills in increasing the cash flow of the company and is responsible for strategic planning such as listing the company in the financial markets. In addition, the development team has the ability to provide comprehensive services and basic solutions to develop real estate projects, Cash required throughout the project until delivery and full operation.
What we do

What we do

The company is engaged in real estate contracting and investment activities and through direct partnership in investment opportunities for real estate projects (residential, commercial, administrative) through a distinguished business model that requires the company to select and choose the investment opportunities carefully and study it well by contributing in exchange for executing the contracting or contributing Directly in real estate projects beside the competition for contracting business associated with the private sector while the company focuses mainly on real estate investment and implements a unique business model combines its characteristics between the characteristics of traditional investment companies and management companies Assets as a major investor in all its operations.

Values and Principles

Values ​​and Principles

For disciplined collective action
Upgrading professional real estate
Commitment to institutional systems, policies and procedures.
Commitment to self and collective development of competencies.
Promote the spirit of belonging to the company
Respect for work.
Commitment to credibility and honesty in work.


The company’s vision is to become the first choice among real estate developers and the choice of any consumer.


Our first and last mission is to assist in the development of urban communities and to move towards a better world through products and services of high quality, use of technology, modern building materials and to continue providing solutions for real estate development industry in accordance with the concept of sustainable development from the use of environmentally friendly materials and energy conservation and Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation through the design and construction phase of its role in the life of the building and adopting the understanding of sustainable architecture, which has become an urgent need in the development of urban communities to preserve the environment in search of a better urban society.

Stock Exchange

  • May 15, 2013 - The Company's shares have been listed on the Nile Stock Exchange
  •  Nominal value: 1.00 Egyptian pound
  • Currency Trading: Egyptian Pound
  • The current number of shares:  5,500,000
  • The issued and paid up capital: 5,500,000
  • The authorized capital: 50,000,000
There is no doubt that the journey of the millennium begins with a step and to develop our present. We must make a clear plan for our future yesterday. We started with the world of small and medium enterprises. Today, we have a variety of ongoing activities in the development of the Ezz Towers project – based on solid foundations, applying the latest administrative systems, During which future expansions at all levels will be regulated, managed and deployed.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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