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Event of Cemex Egypt visting  Ezz Towers Asyut 

In the framework of cooperation throughout 2017 with the partner of success Simex Assiut Company, which owns the distinctive products of Asyut Cement for the Upper Cement Cement and the Engineer’s Cement. The first company was honored to visit the Cemex Assiut team on 17 October 2017 at the Ezz Towers project to successfully complete the foundation works. Which amounted to 4 million pounds and in the presence of the team of the company promotion of investment company implemented and the visit was positive and confirmed the success of cooperation and with the emphasis on the continuity of success partners in all future projects and the company pays tribute and appreciation.
First Cemex’s team
1 – Carlos Gonzalez – Chairman of the Board of Cemex in Egypt.
2 – Iverroe Sanchez – Vice Chairman of the Board of Sales.
3 – Eng. Mostafa Kamel – Director of Sales in Upper Egypt.
4 – Eng. Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud – Sales Manager of North Upper Egypt
5 – Eng. Kamel Al-Khazandar – Sales Engineer.
6 – Mr. Mohamed Abdel Magid – sales supervisor of Assiut and New Valley.
7 – Mr. Ahmed Rashwan – sales representative of Assiut.
8 – Mr. Ahmed Shubak – Assiut Sales Representative.

Second Investment promotion team

1 – Eng. Yousef Hosni – Director of Planning and Technical Office Promotion Company
2 -Eng. Lotfi Abdoun – Site manager promotion company
3 -Eng. Ashraf Mohamed Faraj – executive engineer promotion company

Third First Realtors team
1 – Eng.Mohamed Atef – Representative of First Realtors


HR Training for First Realtors top leaders

HR training events for the top leaders of  First Realtors in cooperation with the Egyptian Managers Center


Relation Manager certificate by Financial supervision authority 

 Certified Investor Relations Manager certified by FSA. Of 2016

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